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  • Title: Two Seconds
  • Release year: 1932
  • Director: Mervyn LeRoy
  • Actors: Edward G. Robinson, Vivienne Osborne, Guy Kibbee, Preston Foster, J. Carrol Naish, Frederick Burton, Harry Beresford, Dorothea Wolbert, Berton Churchill, William Janney, Mervyn LeRoy
  • Movie length: 67 min.
  • Movie genres: Crime; Drama

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Just my impression. Two Seconds film is just an ok for one time watch. It could have been a good film but they killed it with the stupid music.

You will certainly get so many of great impressions and will love acting of Mervyn LeRoy, Vivienne Osborne during pleasurable pastime with Two Seconds, the greatest of all Crime films of 1932. The main idea of Two Seconds is cool and acting of Mervyn LeRoy makes it so realistic and so wonderful. We give rate 10 from 10 and we give a recommendation to everyone to start watching it now! There are just 67 m that will bring you a lot of great positive impressions.

A movie of nice level that I watch lots of times and enjoy every time. I think this is the kind of movie must be watched in the cinema. Characters team very well picked and I think all actors fit well with the roles also strong in acting. Effects compared to 2010s charming, looks like creators spent millions of money on the flick. I'm very happy with some scenes but it was nevertheless excellent. Also, the script is a bit simple. A movie that I would suggest if you plan to have fun in your free time!

I hope you will love Two Seconds movie. Thanks. :-)

The story is a really fun story with much of great action.

Films in Crime niche bring you tons of great positive emotions? Then get congratulations because now u came to the right place with one of the best movies of year 1932 in this niche. Two Seconds is a very cool movie and there are a lot of well-known actors like Berton Churchill, Edward G. Robinson, Dorothea Wolbert, Vivienne Osborne, William Janney who are acting so earnestly. Length of the movie is 67 m that allow you to enjoy seeing catchy scenes with Berton Churchill in main role.

Don't base your decision to watch this movie off the poor reviews! The plot of the movie is cool along with the story line twist ending, however it could have been filmed better.

Hope that you 100% will enjoy this movie. :-) Like Two Seconds movie and share with friends.