Ladda ner The Turning Point 1977 film

  • Title: The Turning Point
  • Release year: 1977
  • Director: Herbert Ross
  • Actors: Anne Bancroft, Shirley MacLaine, Tom Skerritt, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Leslie Browne, Martha Scott, Antoinette Sibley, Alexandra Danilova, Starr Danias, Marshall Thompson, Herbert Ross
  • Movie length: 119 min.
  • Movie genres: Drama; Romance

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This flick provides great and well made story, but, it's hardly innovative.

The Turning Point Romance film was created in late 1977. Marshall Thompson, Herbert Ross, Martha Scott make this film exclusive to watch. Just my personal opinion.

You would definitely get a lot of great impressions from The Turning Point if you love films of this genre. It is one of the greatest films in the Romance genre and you would get tons of wonderful feelings while watching. Marshall Thompson, Herbert Ross, Martha Scott are acting so wonderful here and some moments of the film are fascinating. The Turning Point is one of the most anticipated films of 1977. Acting of Marshall Thompson, Herbert Ross, Martha Scott is making this film even more phenomenal. Movie length time: 119 min. Enjoy from watching The Turning Point movie.

If you are expecting to see the pioneer movie you will be upset. If you go expecting a funny movie you are gonna like it. The script twist is perfectly done. The negative character is kept private. The movie is cool to watch and impressive.

:-) I know that you will like The Turning Point film. Thanks.